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Engagement Option Packages are Personalized

Two neighbors, the Smiths and the Thompsons.

Each family has a rising junior they see as a successful Generation Z adult in 10 years.

One phone call can make a difference.

The Smiths have been to the high school counselors’ pep talk explaining the twisting road ahead. They strongly suggest that their child acts as the point person for test prep and every milestone and deadline required to ensure entry to an appropriate college. After seeing the high school counselor for a brief meeting, a few missed deadlines and a STEM class that did not go as hoped, the Smith family begins hoping for a miracle to help the college plan get back on track.

The Thompsons, however, have recognized the minefields of grades, testing, extracurriculars and social activities of Year 1 and 2—and call VEC for guidance. They discuss a math tutor after a touch-and-go Algebra 2 and recognize the need for help preparing for the SAT math section. They also had questions answered about their child’s mix of sports, clubs, and volunteer efforts and have yet to start an organized effort toward a high school resume.

Valle Educational Consultants

Valle Educational Consultants (VEC) begins with an initial no-obligation phone conversation to focus on the needs of the Thompson family. Their consultant focuses on the issues that are a priority—exclusively. The Thompsons opt for a set of four services specifically chosen for them. Their child can manage the many facets of a busy life, secure in the knowledge that problem areas will be addressed. If it turns out that more help is required later, there is comfort knowing that the plan can be adjusted. Everyone in the household looks forward to getting a full night’s sleep.

Delivering admissions-focused guidance to students all across the country, VEC offers consulting on an hourly “as needed” basis or a flat fee, “budget-friendly” basis. When engaging in a flat fee arrangement, the scope and timing of every service are designed to meet the unique needs of the individual, not some cookie-cutter plan.

VEC’s menu of services allows clients to add ACT/SAT test prep tutoring and/or Essay Assistance on the fly.


The choices are up to you, the client. No one is locked into a “canned program,” paying for services that aren’t used. Services are offered on a la carte or comprehensive basis. We are happy to discuss cost details with you during the initial consultation and look forward to that first phone call that launches your child on the biggest adventure of her or his life. And also a more peaceful sleep for all.

The Consultant Advantage

Through VEC services, our students achieve the following:

  • Clients experience less stress while going through the college admission process because an expert is advising all along the way and importantly guiding students whenever there is a hiccup.
  • The consultant has first-hand experience with the admissions process and offers guidance based on what colleges want to see. Every college uses algorithms to weigh everything from grades and tests to social media presence and points of contact. VEC sees the trends that can make all the difference between an “accept” and a “wait-list” maybe.
  • A personalized plan, unique to the student’s needs, is created. Then, executed in a way that empowers the student while keeping them on track. While your teen is focused on the next test, reading assignment, basketball practice, home chore or Snapchat Bitmoji. VEC never loses sight of the Big Picture.

Contact VEC for your personalized plan of action and watch the stress and anxiety of college selection shrink in the rear-view mirror. Contact info@valleconsulting.net or 630-557-9201.

Our Why

Here’s why we are in the college consulting business…

  1. Thoroughly enjoy helping kids get into their top schools through a process requiring self-improvement.
  2. We are passionate about advocating for parents and their kids in the college process.
  3. Challenge and empower kids to actively participate in their largest life decision to-date.
  4. We too are parents, and take a genuine interest in each family we serve.

about us, valle educational consultants
about us, valle educational services

“I had two kids in private college and needed financial aid. VEC was able to help me get the financial aid l needed. We never would have figured all this out on our own. They made it easy for my wife and me to get through the red tape. I highly recommend VEC.”

Parent of Boston University and Azusa Pacific Students