Learning Preferences

Your Learning Preferences Matter When Finding A College Fit

Considering online course offerings as part of college “fit” research is becoming increasingly important as Covid-19 impacts the future of post-secondary education. But first, determining your learning preferences will help set the stage as you sift through the sea of options.


Identifying online course options that compliment one’s learning preferences


With the educational world quick-pivoting to a more robust online education offering, here are 8 questions to ask yourself and evaluate as you prepare for how (and where) you will spend the next four years.


1| Do I thrive in a self-directed, self-paced academic environment?

Be honest about how much initiative you have and how much responsibility you want for directing your educational path.

2| Am I confident in my tech-savviness and feel able to navigate tools and resources with relative ease?

Cutting-edge tools abound. How equipped you are to shift and constantly embrace learning reveals resilience and ability to thrive in a tech-oriented academic world.

3| What are my flexibility needs related to my daily schedule? 

You may have music, sports or work demands requiring a flexible schedule. Or maybe commuting or transportation limitations present challenges. Understanding how a course offering fits into your life will alleviate stress and put your mind at ease.

4| Do I live in a small town or remote area where teacher availability to instruct in my chosen subject areas is limited?

Online learning opens up options all over the world and can level the playing field.

5| Do I prefer to take advantage of a wider selection of courses that fit my learning preferences, some of which are not offered at any one college?

Some students would rather tailor course-combining with an undergrad hybrid that combines distance learning with campus-based learning.

6| My family has been financially impacted by the current economy.

What colleges offer affordable options that also enable me to complete my degree efficiently? Where students attend is often heavily influenced by family finances. Finances related to college should involve the student and their parents. It is advisable to set expectations early in the process.

7| Are my learning preferences more tailored to in-person, one-on-one instruction?

Many students struggle with self-direction and autonomy. Others struggle with feelings of isolation when studying independently. Also, it’s critical to find the right “fit” of accountability and community with peers and faculty. 

8| Should my needs change or I struggle in an area, what colleges deliver course work in a multiple instructional way to meet my learning preference needs?

Some subjects and concepts are more easily grasped than others. Support of changing needs related to learning preferences is an important ingredient to college success.

Understanding your learning preferences is a necessary step when comparing a host of post-secondary offerings. Valle Educational Consultants (VEC) is a leader in the college admissions arena guiding students through the labyrinth of college options.

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