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The VEC Process and How It Works for You

Conduct Confidential Consultation

Pick up the phone and call 630-557-9201. Our process at Valle Educational Consultants (VEC) begins with an initial no-obligation phone conversation with parents to get to know your student’s needs. Then we can determine the priority issues for your family. This important conversation can get you on track and help you understand the milestones involved in arriving at the right college after high school. Your student is encouraged to participate in this call. This conversation will familiarize you with our client-focused methods, our depth of experience and our commitment to an invested team approach toward the success of your student.

Each one-on-one consultation provides personalized support without having to leave home. Whether conversations take place via a face-to-face meeting, a phone conference call, a tech-enabled meeting, or an ongoing series of meetings including any or all of the above, we are here to meet your needs.

Determine Needs

College-bound needs may seem obvious, until a milestone comes and goes.
Make no mistake. Competition for collegiate freshmen slots has become much more intense than years past. High school counselors are similarly overwhelmed with a load of student charges in great need of individualized attention but not enough time. The guidance value of a college consultant cannot be emphasized enough. And again, that initial conversation with VEC may result in a simple choice direction—or a much more comprehensive plan for success.

  • Just need test prep?

    Or review of essay prompt selection and draft construction, depending on where student is stuck in the process? We can help.

  • Have a rough first year in high school? Academic hiccup?

    These do not necessarily mean an end to a student’s college dreams. Feeling test stress despite ready knowledge of the material? Know how to prepare for every factor that will be evaluated by admissions ahead of the curve.

  • Scores are important, but there are proven ways to mitigate lower-than-expected numbers.

    We hear about the stellar academic achievers every day, but many students have an academic hiccup they wish they could walk back. These are teen-agers, not captains of industry. Mistakes are integral to how a teen-ager learns. If some of this sounds like your student, don’t fret. We can help advise on options. Students who are not good test takers still thrive in college. Do your child’s test scores not appropriately reflect academic ability? Maybe a “test-optional” application school is an option to consider. If this sounds like you, we can also share the inside scoop on how the test-optional process works and how to redirect preparation to compliant.

  • Essays are often a student’s greatest anxiety.

    High school juniors and seniors struggle to grasp the basics of college application prompts. We have seen students equate the Common App essay with a generic English class assignment and others overthink the prompt until they burst into tears wondering what the college really wants. The value of an essay is weighed heavily in admissions and the scholarship award process. That emphasis makes it especially important to nail it! Whether the student needs handholding through initial brainstorming and topic selection, an editor’s eye to review an already created draft, a rock-star lead-in, or a compelling conclusion, we can assist at the appropriate level.

  • Transfers

    What happens when the high school-to-college transition results in a “failure to launch”? Parents may also ask: “How will I know if my child will succeed in college?” Students are concerned they will make a “wrong decision” again. There are a host of reasons students opt to transfer. But they might not be familiar with the steps to execute their applications and feel confident in the process this time around. We can help re-launch to a desired result.

Need direction or a quick answer to a time-sensitive question? Or maybe all-inclusive admissions assistance for a flat rate that would benefit your student’s college goals? We are also here to deliver precisely what you need—when you need answers. Contacts are handled on a prearranged appointment time that is mutually convenient.

Answer Questions

Questions, we all have questions. Our consultants will assist you in gaining awareness, getting answers and finding practical solutions.

15 Frequently asked questions we often hear:

  • When should my student start preparing for college?
  • Can my 8th grader take early steps to learn about colleges before high school?
  • When should the student/family visit campuses?
  • What is the most efficient way to organize a schedule during the admissions process?
  • What should my student be doing outside of class to help broaden their horizons?
  • How does my student decide whether the SAT or ACT is a better test for them? How do they prepare for the tests?
  • Big? Small? Far away? Close to home? Urban campus? College town?
  • How many colleges should I apply to?
  • What is the optimum application deadline for prospective colleges?
  • How does my student go about deciding on a topic for a college essay?
  • What is the best way to handle unusual circumstances in a student’s high school history?
  • How does an average student find colleges where they can be competitive—and succeed?
  • How does a student decide on colleges when unsure of their major?
  • What is the best plan for a student who is not ready to attend college directly after high school?
  • How does a student who is currently in college go about transferring to another college?

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Valle Educational Consultants our process
Valle Educational Consultants our process

“This process really built my confidence. My parents are telling their friends about how much you helped.”
Peter, Indianapolis, IN